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I have to do this quick because a line of thunderstorms is coming my
way and it's already dumped hail and buckets of rain on my brother
30 miles away.....

I was buying some spinach for the weekend and the woman in line
before me was talking to the cashier and they must have known
each other.

They were talking about the customer's diet and the chick said
that her protein shakes make her feel bad so she washes down
her protein shake with a big DIET DR COKE:rofl:

WTF diet is that?! Where does one find a Diet Dr Coke?
Does she look in the mirror and wonder why she hasn't lost
weight? I bet she's one of those dopes who would say
"that diet don't work, I tried it and gained 15 pounds"

I almost bit my tongue off.:iconhnngplz:

gotta go. lightning:iconohnoesohplz:

i forgot about this!:omfg:

Tonight, the mid Atlantic States are in for a treat.…

NASA will be dying the sky different colors to watch the the
atmosphere in motion. The good thing is we get to watch too!

If you are anywhere near Long Island down to central North Carolina's
coast you should be able to see the event.

I'm taking pictures if I can
Recommended Friends by parallellogic

Apparently the Russian government is trying
to educate the masses on how to not die while taking selfies.

People are shooting themselves in the head, the head!
Getting run over by trains and falling from buildings.

Someone just fell from a 9 story building.

But then I saw the video for Russia's national anthem and now I understand:bucktooth:

Work Harder Comrade! by pallanoph

Not to be outdone, New York outlawed taking selfies with tigers.

Don't forget all those people in Japan dying while taking selfies with
an erupting volcano.  Yes, a volcano! Like 60 people died and apparently
10-12 were from selfie related nonsense.

"Oh look! That mountain is exploding! Let me turn around and snap a few
selfies before I take my safety serious" :iconsplatplz:

Dark Unicorn full of infinite space by lora-zombie  Stranger by Crazymic

Demontaur- Battle Chasers creature contest by thiago-almeida

sea monster by KerstinS

No work today, fence is being installed:eager:
Remember that whack job Harold Camping had thousands of idiots believing the
world was ending May 21st 2011?
Some people even sold their homes etc....others toured the world trying to
'save' people.

Too bad the prediction was wrong and needed to be 'revised' by five months.

When that failed the old dick gave up being a prophet or something.

FEAR NOT because the tools at the E-Bible Fellowship have decided the
prediction was wrong and the actual date is October 7th!:eager:

This is the funniest mockery of the event. It's quite impressive.
Whatever it is sure does kick the hsit out of Pluto:rofl:

I don't think a bunker is going to save us this time!
Some dude live streamed his house fire.

It's tragic but also funny in a perverse way.
The fire antics start at 4:40

I like how he so casually put the stuff in the trash so the trash caught on fire
THEN to outdo himself he used a cardboard box to try and snuff the flames:rofl:

Why wasn't he using a fire extinguisher?

Who the hell was talking?

The end was eerie because you don't know if the fire ended the transmission
or if the video got cut some how.

It's also weird because one of my neighbor's homes caught fire this morning.
3 engines and 2 ambulances showed up for that one.
The road I live on was shut down for about four hours.

Just two weeks ago it was in the 90s with oppressive humidity.
Last week fell into the 80s but with high humidity.
This week it's in the frikkin' 50's with nonstop rain and the extended
forecast doesn't get past the 70s. I LOVE it!:eager:

No more being a puddle of sweat. I can run now without having to
peel my clothes off when I get home.
No more burning in the accursed sun. The dark takes hold
before 6:30pm now. The screaming cicadas are gone.
I do not have to mow the lawn every 4 or 5 days.
It's a good season.

The rain doesn't stop until tomorrow night, so maybe I'll
stay in tomorrow and try tackling all the messages I have etc..
I am only at 6,781. :faint:

Halloween is around the corner too but the suck thing is
I have surgery a week before candy night. No fun for me.
I won't even give out candy this year.:grump:

I hate stuff like this. It's too somber.
I ended up donating because I hate animal abuse and abandonment.
They got me. I know. I am dumb.

We adopted an abandoned Shepard back in the 80s who did the same
She would hide her face in her paws when scared.
Sometimes it was funny because if she thought that somehow the vet
was involved in anything, anything, she'd clam up.
She hated the vets.

I'm colorblind so I cannot tell if the color grade attempt worked because
the color in the box looks the same from side to side.:grump:

Profanum by IgorWolski

Token of Woden concept_Mock up screen by bradwright  Cloudy Flight by bradwright

Power Puffs, all grown up by SourAcid

Ellaine by Kyoung-Seok  Warrior Characters Concept by Kyoung-Seok  217- Galaxy Wolf by Lucky978

270- Colors of Fall by Lucky978
Space themed art videos on me profile page:eager:
I mean why not? Asteroids are end life on Earth every
other day now it seems:bucktooth:

This is probably one of the best conspiracy videos I have ever seen.

I wish ThorNews was on television because I would watch everyday.


Seriously, this guy is great. His Saturn video is funny as hell.
The accretion disk theory made Jessica Alba:P

Oh yeah, it's humid as hell out today. I already took a shower and
changed twice. I still have work to do so I guess I am getting a
second shower and changing clothes probably another two times.

The good news is tomorrow is going to be way cool and by
Friday it's going to be in the 60's!:la:

Cybertron planet by JJasso

Profanum by IgorWolski  AVATAR 3 by JJasso

Risen Warrior by Carpet-Crawler  Token of Woden concept_Mock up screen by bradwright
Crazy math related stuff with communication.
We use the same 100 words half the time we speak/type.
It's crazy.

Oh yeah. The Earth dies again this week.
On the 23rd.
Another asteroid too.

I guess get your umbrella because this one is supposed to be huge
and end all life on Earth.

[LOL] - They are coming by dNiseb  Game Over?If you lose while playing a video game,
Don't get mad!
Losing means you get to play, again!
  Bone Guardian by Carpet-Crawler

Because You Have a Choice by Colorless-Glaceon  Glutton by Carpet-Crawler

The reality-cutting hate by VeraVeraART  Hate the Magicians Crazy Bunny by facusoad

Mambo Slice by koyamori  Emotion by ryky
This video is so happy!:happybounce:

I got scheduled for October 21st for my next surgery. That's good.
I have time to finish the yard work and to get ready for winter.
The new fence isn't even up yet and that's a big deal that still
needs to be taken care of.

The bad news is the second planned surgery is now cancelled.
Turns out my insurance will not cover the surgery, even with an appeal.

I CAN get a sex change. Seriously, I can get a specialist to approve it.
But I cannot get a surgery that would allow me to get an implant
that would dramatically restore a lot of my lost hearing.

So that sucks. But the upside is when I change jobs I might end up
with coverage that will cover some of it. That's a year away.
At least.

The BAHA sound processors alone are a few thousand dollars.
The cost of the surgery, I might as well put a down payment on
a new house.
I can wait until I get a better opportunity.

I'll get fitted for a normal hearing aid instead. It won't be ideal but
it'll help out.:grump:  That will probably happen before New Years.

The optimistic news is I won't need a potential 'third' surgery
(now second since the other is a no-go) but
that all depends on how the October event plays out.


Oh yeah, tomorrow an asteroid is supposed to destroy the Earth.
According to retards on conspiracy-Anti-NASA sites.:bucktooth:
So get your sunscreen, just in case, because it's going to be
several thousand degrees tomorrow.:rofl:

Summer is over, it's time to chill.

lost island by Adrianfd

 Hanging by Mavros-Thanatos Ichido Wizard by Reza-ilyasa Wetland Sambar by jameszapata

Fusion Samurai by cobaltplasma
Finally getting rain! It's been two weeks. The lawn is starving.
The humidity should be washed away and cooler days are expected
for about a week.

I have a lot of yard work to do that I have neglected because of the
recent heat. So I'll be away a few days.

Sycra's own forum board!

I saw a similar event when I lived in the sticks of Pennsylvania about ten years
ago. But it wasn't as big or bright.:iconshameplz:

Child ocean #2 by Prophetharm  ...... by cliff-rathburn 

sk-08-18-15 by Harpiya

Old Friend by Riftress  to play by tonysandoval

I deleted about 600 'replies' because I am never going to get
to them all. I'm trying to keep up but it's just not working.
I also stopped watching 5 people I never hear from.

If I didn't reply to something impo'tent remind me. :iconfryplz:

If you're looking to do something more productive then
watching porn online maybe check out skillshare while
they have a special going!

Skill Share, free 1 month membershipinterested in learning new things about technology? Maybe a handy craft you can sell. Or perhaps you're feeling ballzy, but need some more information to start an independent business/freelance.
This is the site. For the price and amount of classes available, it's hella worth it.
IN FACT. I can get you at least a month free so you can test it out. I personally went with the .99 cent for 3 months and hoping i can get a student discount.
Leme know what you think!

I opted instead to do this:…

It's ten weeks and starts next month which means I'll have
4 or 5 weeks of "class" to keep me busy after surgery.

Tongue Twister by AustenMengler DEMON ZOMBIES by AustenMengler

Surgery should be in late October. Which is nice because it
gives me more time to get settled in here. I still have a lot to do.
I have to finish planting the blueberries and blackberries and
we have tulips coming in the mail. 200!:faint:

The bad news is I have an infection. It's in the bone structure.
Medicine isn't going to fix that.

So that means the surgery is going to be more extensive then
anticipated. And that probably means another eight to ten weeks
of having packing shoved in my head. Because nothing can be
easy or simple I was also informed the organ responsible for
balance is partially exposed and that I should expect to be dizzy
and to have dizzy spells for a while after surgery.

The inflammation from surgery and the head packing is expected
to upset that organ and that means dizziness.

Not talking being off balanced or feeling odd, I mean actual
spinning-can't-look-straight-or-walk dizzy.

So..........yeah. That's my autumn.:grump:

Pondolf Hitler... by AspiePie

The Conductor by AustenMengler
Back, kinda, after a few days away.
Lots going on and no real free time.
The good news is summer is ending, it's getting dark
sooner every night.
Eventually night will fall at around 5pm and we'll be
spared the intolerable arrogance of the sun.
I has sunburn:grump:

I did find this beauty though!:eager:

Hope y'all is doing good:squee:
I had my MRI yesterday (Thursday) scheduled for 1:30pm.

I took into consideration traffic conditions including construction etc...
and decided to leave an hour early just to be sure.

Anywhere from 9pm to 7am the trip takes only 20 minutes.

But with traffic and construction I figured I'd need 15-20 more minutes
then usual.

The backstreets don't run all the way through, so I can't go back roads
and the like.  The alternate routes are all just as clogged as the normal
paths. Might as well go the fastest way.

So I left at 12:30.

I didn't get to the facility until 1:10!

By time I was signed in it was 1:17.

I didn't get my MRI until just before 2:30.
It took all of three minutes.

I didn't get my disk until just before 3pm.

I arrived home just before 4pm.

That was a bucket of bullshit.

Adding injury to insult I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet earlier
in the morning.
I'm a guy, so that means the seat was up.

I fumbled the toothbrush while brushing the tooths and the stick
bounced at the edge of the sink's bowl. In hindsight I understand that
if I let gravity and momentum play out the toothbrush would have landed
in the sink.

Things didn't play out that way in the moment, I tried to catch the brush
and ended up snapping it away from the sink and *PLOINK* in
the toilet.:grump:

The toilet was clean and all, but still, toilet.:faint:

That was my Thursday basically. By time I got home it was already 4pm
and not very pleasant. So I just called it a day and did small stuff inside.

It's going to be 95 and cloudless for the next 5 days. JOY!
I'll get so much yard work done. Not really.:rage:

I really think I should just sell everything and live in a van.

What you up to?

CAT Scan by beere


So I was watching the weather channel to get an idea of what was going on today because rain was expected..........

In two commercial breaks I saw two Viagra and one Cialis ad and three ads for pills not approved by the FDA that included side effects like bleeding ulcers, coma, and death.What the..:O_o:...I just wanted the forecast!:shakefish:

lil viagra by zaratus

It was like 83-85 degrees with 77% humidity and scattered clouds with no wind.
It was terrible outside and I had things to do. It was like being boiled, I know what lobsters experience at dinner because of weather like this.

Then it poured, twice, each time being replaced by cloudless skies, burning sun, and returning humidity.:rage:

So between getting broiled when outside and then being forced inside because of rain I got only like 1/3rd my planned stuff done today.

Here Comes the Sun by WirdouDesigns

I bought a pack of veggie burgers because they were on sale and I haven't had veggie burgers in a while. So I thought aybe they got better and didn't taste like
eating a mushy mound of lettuce with gravel in them.


Still suck.

The good thing is I had super spicy hot mustard and raw onions.
fixed it right up.

It's sad when the best thing about a veggie burger is the condiments and the
whole grain buns with sesame seeds.

It's Only Ketchup by AlbertoArni

Oh yeah. I get my next MRI on Thursday to begin the prep for my next surgery in late Sept/early October. No dyes, so I don't have to be injected with anything.:nuu:

Paris (AFP) - The Perseid meteor shower -- an annual display of natural fireworks -- should be particularly spectacular this year, with extra-dark skies expected to create optimal stargazing conditions, astronomers said Friday.

When the celestial show hits its peak overnight Wednesday next week, up to 100 shooting stars per hour will streak across the sky for a spectacle visible around the globe.

In a lucky development, the Moon's glow will not interfere with meteor-watching, as it will be approaching its darkest or "new" phase, experts say.

"It's going to be a spectacular show this year," astronomer Morgan Hollis of the Royal Astronomical Society told AFP. "You'll be able to a see a lot more than normal."

The mid-July to mid-August light show comes from the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle, which swings around the Solar System every 130 years or so, depositing debris in Earth's orbit as it nears the Sun.

As Earth races around the Sun, these grains smash into the atmosphere at about 60 kilometres (37 miles) per second, burning up in flashes of light.

Occasionally, longer and brighter streaks are seen, from pea- or marble-sized comet remnants.

The showers -- named after the constellation of Perseus from which they appear to fly out -- peak when Earth passes through the heart of the debris field.

Unlike some celestial events, one doesn't need special technology to watch the Perseids unfold. It is best to find a wide open space away from tall buildings or trees, and with as little artificial light as possible.

"The more of the sky you can see the better," said astronomer Affelia Wibisono from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. "You don't need any binoculars or telescopes. It's actually better if you use your eyes."

The only equipment she suggested was a nice comfy chair from which to watch the show, and some warm clothes.

This is mainly for North American readers.
If you're elsewhere please consult your regional astronomical web sites and
directories for the best ways to view this event.

If it's not cloudy I'm just going to sit in my yard. It's pretty dark.
Yay! I am not le dead

But I am not completely moved in yet and I have so much to do it is not funny

Anyways, real quick, I didn't move into the house that I was planning on living in.
The New Jersey State Health Department put the home purchase on indefinite hold because of some dumb ass concerns with the septic system.
The county approved the system the State did not.

Oh it gets better, I found out 19 hours before settlement.:rage:

So...with a moving truck full of my stuff I had to move in with my mom at her house which was under contract.

She found a place she liked and we got that. I'm there/here now.
It's no where near the shore like all of the other candidates and the house we were supposed to be in.

This one needs a ton of work, which is why I have not been online at all.

The good news is it's in a quiet neighborhood. The yard is bordered by a forest.
I am close to my current job and very close to one of the places I hope to be working next year. So it's not that bad.

The bad news is the garage had to be torn down and it's going to be 7 or 8 weeks before the new one is here which means the house is a storage unit and it's a mess.

The fence is old and is also being replaced but at least that's being contracted.

The landscaping is terrible and the lawns are a wreck. I'll be working on that shit until November.

The basement is a complete redo but that has to wait until the garage is up.

The previous owner never cleaned the gutters. Literally for years, there is compost in the fucking gutters.

I'm sun burnt, my hands and dogs are blistered, my back is sore and I am way tired.:iconimdeadplz:

BUT I'll start checking in every night I can.:party:

How ya'll been?

what does the highlighted word Core next to my user name mean?

Settlement and such is next week and I still packing to do
plus a million things to do at the new place.

So Friday is probably my last day online for a few weeks, probably
a month. Just a heads up:w00t:

Yes, we all know Copic is king, but this video made my brain feel good.
I was going to print out a diploma after watching it.
:iconbaylee-jae: created the video.

Monsters this week:nuu:

to play by tonysandoval Tongue Twister by AustenMengler

~~guess who's getting ready for the sacrifice??~~ by tiffanyturrill
 Inferos Custos by MIKECORRIERO

Today I had the last round of packing pulled out of my head.

It was replaced with a thick Vaseline-like goo that is going
to help continue the healing process, fight infection, and
finish off my recovery from surgery.
It's also going to ooze out of my head for three weeks:meow:

It's thick and sticky and the doc made sure he packed in as much as he could.
He was using his finger to push in goo once the cavity was filled so
he could get more in.

It feels like I have a pair of wet socks in my head.

At least he's not shoving more strips of absorbent material in, because
that sucked a lot.:rage:

Hearing test in two weeks.

Oh yeah, the pollen is falling like snow this week.
I had to use the hose on the driveway twice because
it coats the cement, the outdoor furniture, the mail box, everything.

The trees are trying to kill us!:paranoid:

All related to:
Surgery BullshitSo I got unwrapped today and got all the details
from the doctor.
It wasn't good.
In fact it's pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting.
Real simple. In 2013 I had a tumor removed from my
inner ear. It wrecked my hearing.
Then I had a post op infection that lasted almost 3 full months.
After that I had to let the stuff heal and then a follow up
surgery was supposed to reconstruct as much of my hearing
as possible. That was delayed because my Dad passed away
and then my appendix exploded and had to be removed.
Yesterday when I was opened up the doctor found a new
tumor and the planned reconstruction got turned into a demolition.
That's why surgery was an hour longer then expected and
probably why I was in so much pain in recovery.
Originally surgery was supposed to be 3 to 4 hours but
ended up being right around 5. Plus an hour+ in recovery.
It was pretty bad so they gave me something, I dunno what, that
was really strong and had me still feeling the effects a good
seven hours l
This is what it feels like....The doctor's visit

So the shoe lace of's all noodled in my head mainly.
Some of it is on the outside in the ear canal.
Part of the string has dried to the top of the canal. The blood
scabbed up.
Ever pull a stuck zipper lose?
That ripping grinding noise?
Yeah, that's kind of what it was like when the doctor
started to pull the stuck part but it was my flesh not a zipper
and I could hear it and feel it.
I know, awesome right!
But that wasn't even the worst part, it was just an hors-d'oeuvre.
Because after that he was pulling the rest of the strip
out of my head. That meant pulling any stuck parts inside
lose while also allowing cool fresh air to rush inside to flow
all over the raw meat within.
It was a searing hot painful oven in there. It was great.
The pain killer I took 20 or so minutes ago really didn't
take any edge off of that. I should have just eaten

Princess Mononoke Sketch by JadeMere     Winter Fire by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

Starry Starry Night by armieraine